Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Boing! (Day 129)

So, I did something very silly today. There is a trampoline taking up a lot of our back yard that we're minding for someone until they move to their new place and can retrieve it. I threw Yogi's yellow ball trying to encourage him to play with it. 

We can see where this is going can't we? Yes, it's one of those trampolines with the net around it. So, I caught Yogi and sent him in to retrieve it. He spent his time running around sniffing and refusing to even look at the ball. I then managed to coax him back out again and he decided to walk around the outside safety rail. He didn't want me to get him down. He was going to walk the whole circumference. I finally managed to grab him when he stopped for a good sniff. 

I did well today, 2 hours of walking all up. Poor Yogi though. It was such a beautiful day but I was out all day and I think Katt had visitors all day so he didn't get to go you know where. We've got a seminar tomorrow so maybe after that. Apparently he's been a real pain all day. I think it's coz it's nice weather and he *still* didn't get to go.

 I bouncy bouncy Puppy.

What up Charlie? Why you barkings?

*Sigh* I wanna visit Charlie.
But there's a fence. I must plan.
There must be a way over or under it.


1 comment:

  1. It would've been awesome if you got into the bouncy bouncy mode.

    Don't worry Yogi. You'll get your much deserved walkies.

    Huggies and Cheese,