Thursday, June 28, 2012

Stop the world. I wanna get off. (Day 130)

Yogi finally got his wish. We finally got to the park but not many puppies were around. He didn't care too much though. He ran and ran and ran and ran. I laughed as I did the walk around he'd run up to check on me and then off again.Very short today - it'd almost by Wordless Wednesday if it wasn't Thursday.

But there's someone knew! Let me back off!

I happy you love me and want me with you.
But seriously, LET ME OFF THE LEASH!

Look what you've done! Ned stole the
ball that I stole! You've got to let me off!

Heh Heh. He left the ball behind.
What do you mean we're leaving now too?
I want to run some more! Let me be free again.
I'll come back... eventually I promise!


1 comment:

  1. Yogi looking forward to seeing more larks from the park.
    Best wishes Molly