Friday, June 29, 2012

I spy with my little eye (Day 131)

Katt was brushing Yogi and wanted me to take a photo. I waited until Roni had put out the cigarette (the joys of being a nonsmoker in a house where 99% of the visitors are smokers as is the owner.) and went over.

Speaking of the owner I had to ring Katt at 7 this morning. I went out for my walk - not thinking to look behind me. The sky in front of me looked clear. So I trundled off hoping Sarah was okay as she was nowhere to be seen. I got about a quarter of the way when I turned a corner and thought oh dear...
that's a very black cloud. I kept going and then changed my mind and turned down the street to head home. I took about 5 more steps and felt a heavy rain drop land on my head.
I kept walking and then hurried to find sanctuary in the playground at the primary school. I stood there for a few moments under the sail and realised I was getting wet standing there. I then noticed the little wall under a platform and ran to that. I stood there for five minutes waiting for the rain to subside. I saw a few cats and dogs falling down and then rang Katt. I didn't think to take an umbrella or a jacket.Yogi was rather confused when I got home with Mummy when she'd left alone 5 mins before.

However, I got a couple of very cute photos today. 

I a Coopers Puppy! 




  1. aaaw my puppy...I LOVE the close-up of you here!! :) This would HAVE to be my very most favourite photo of you so far in this blog! Luv U Heeps Yogi...Mum PS: oh..btw..thank you SO MUCH for being so easy to brush today :)

    1. Thank you Mummy. You should give me a treat for me letting Aunty Anne take such a cute photo!

  2. Yogi you are always cute. Happy Friday to you and yours!
    Best wishes Molly

    1. Happy Weekend Molly! I hope you're having a great one.