Sunday, June 17, 2012

Super Model (Day 119)

Yogi was following me around this afternoon looking at me. I said I bet I can stop that and pulled the phone out to snap a shot. Almost straight away he turned away and looked all about the place. But, I was happy when he did turn and look at me.

I laughed so hard when he sat down in what seemed to be a 'sexy' pose. So all you lady puppies out there today's shots are for you. I'm afraid Yogi can't give you puppies but he can chase you like no other puppy can. 

 I not happy, Aunty Anne.
It's raining out there.

 You promise I'm cute?
You promise all the lady puppies will love me?

Hello. I am Yogi-O, the most beautiful
pup in the universe. (Aussies should get
that reference...if they remember Fast Forward)



  1. Yogi you are a fine looking specimen , a real handsome pooch!
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Great blog and nice pictures!!!
    Thanks for sharing...