Thursday, June 21, 2012

Yattie my buddy (Day 123)

I have had a bloody awful day. Let's just say Yogi wasn't sure whether to come near me or not after he heard me driving the porcelain this afternoon. Katt thinks it's coz I ate 2 oranges when I know I have a problem. That's why I stopped at 2. 2 glasses of OJ will usually put me at migraine central. And, no I didn't have any vodka with my oranges. I went into the bathroom and there was this little face peering at me through the crack in the door. 

He's so cute when he does that. Did you know in Australia it's quite common to have a separate toilet and bathroom? Japan too. Although, some people do have the toilet in the bathroom. And yes, the water does spin the other way down here. I checked that out when I was up in the Northern Hemisphere. It can be quite trippy. You know what else is good fun about Japan? Using a bidet for the first time and forgetting which character is stop when you're standing there just pushing all the random buttons. I got my jeans very wet one day before I remembered what the kanji for stop was.
Oh, and that their toilet seats are heated. I miss that every cold winters day. 

Anyway, it has not stopped raining today. So there was no you know what to go to. Poor Yogi. According to my good friend Siri, it will rain right through until Tuesday. I then asked her when it would be sunny and she told me it would be sunny right through until Tuesday - showing me the weather forecast which had a 90% of rain. Of course she also tells me she can only look up businesses and maps in the US and only when I'm using US English. 

This my bed. They gonna make me a
sign "This bed has not been peed on in
__ days." Like those accident free signs!

Yattie Da Evil Cat is my bestest favouritest
brother cat in the whole wide world. 
And he's the boss!P.S. Yattie's sharp claws
 have nothing to do with this announcement.


  1. Yogi what can I say it's the first day of Summer and it's raining here too. We feel for you.
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Yogi, its raining here so bad I am trapped in my dog house, nobdy is home but me, Anyway like that sign thingy, thats funny, hope you day gets better.

    Susie & Sidebites