Friday, June 22, 2012

I love Aunty Lyn (Day 124)

I carried out the pot with the leftovers from the dinner Katt made and Yogi was standing at the backdoor. He knocked me and some of it splashed over the top landing on him. I told him it was a good thing he was having a bath today.

Today was wash day. Yogi was sooo happy to see Lyn. Aussie Pooch Mobile are awesome! He was jumping up and down at the door so excited. Then she got the clippers out. He didn't love her as much then. So today we have quite a few photos. Yogi demands that you do not laugh at him... as much as Mummy and Aunty Anne did. 

 Really? Aunty Lyn's coming?

 You promise she won't do anything funny?

 Yep. Had my fur cut... it's treat time!

 Um, Aunty Lyn? Treats are over there...

 Now you're just being mean. It's treat time!

Well, okay you probably should dry me first.
 We know what happens when there's a
wet puppy in the house. I go cRaZy!

I don't know. It's not really me. I mean
I'm still cute but Mummy, Aunty Anne
and Uncle Roni keep saying I'm a poodle!
I'm NOT! I'm a Cavachon!!



  1. Oh Yogi you look all spruced up and we like you haircut! Wishing you a good Friday!
    Best wishes Molly

  2. Ohhh so Süß .
    Ich liebe deine Fotos.
    Liebe Grüße von Beagle-Tibi und Sylvia

  3. Hi Y'all,

    I love a bath! I'm not laughing. I think you look quite handsome.

    Just wanted to stop to see how your week is going. Hope it's great! Wishin' y'all a great and a wonderful summer and a relaxing weekend! Stay cool!

    Y'all come by now,
    Hawk aka BrownDog

    1. Aww thanks Hawk! It's winter here so it's cold and raining. I hope the weather is beautiful where you are though!