Friday, July 27, 2012

Blitzy Boy (Day 158)

Took Yogi around to my parents place when I went to visit today. He was in fine form. They have a really big back yard and Daisy (AKA Daizilla) so he was in his element. Kissies for Aunty Zill! Now he's watching us get ready to go out. We're off to see Hairspray. It's raining and he's no longer wearing the moniker 'Sir Chews Alot" So he gets to stay inside now. Glad his through that part of his puppiness.

He even showed Granny and Granddad his tricks! Well, he did better for Granny than he did for Granddad coz Zill was sharing in the treats. I forgot she snatches. I was going :O as I felt her teeth close on my fingers.

Yogi's normally very gentle. He did almost a full ballerina twirl for Mum (my Mum not his.) so she was well impressed. I'm looking forward when he can do it without losing his balance. He's getting there. He's done it a couple of times now. 

I'm going to start uploading the photos, go see the musical, come back and they should be just about uploaded. That's the problem with 18MP they take so much longer to load. But, boy are they worth it.

What you all doing outside?

Dis my Aunty ZillZill.
She's a Spanador.

Aunty Zill's can pounce from anywhere...anytime.
Cavachon's have got to be prepared for anything!


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