Thursday, July 19, 2012

Everyone's Schleepy (Day 151)

For a few seconds I thought will anyone even notice if I let it slip for one day? Then I thought you know what? I will. It's the 365 Day Project I'm working on here. Not the eh take a few photos here and there through the year and say it's a 365 day thing. 

Yattie's curled up in front of the heater, Yogi's curled up on the chair and Katt's curled up in bed. I'm heading off to a road rules seminar in a few minutes because I thought why not? I've got dinner chugging away in the slow cooker.

It's been a quiet sort of day. Yogi even let Katt put his eyedrop in by herself this morning. I was well pleased to hear that. He just let her put it in without a complaint. Didn't need me there holding his head.


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