Friday, July 20, 2012

When's the best bit of wash day coming? (Day 152)

Not much to say today. Suffice to say it was bath day. He was so excited to see Aunty Lyn. He was even happy to have his bath. He wasn't looking to me half as much as he used to for reassurance.

However, I do have LOTS of photos for your enjoyment!

Just a small trim please, Aunty Lyn.
I got a joke for you.
What did the fish say when he ran into a concrete wall?

 Dam! Geddit?

I guess you didn't find it as funny as I did.

Now it time for another impression.

I am Llama Bear!

Careful. If you don't like my impression...
I might spit on you! Coz I Llama Bear!

Aunty Lyn... is it time for my favourite part yet?

 I got my mouth open! I ready and willing!
(Mummy, I think when you read this you should give
me a treat coz I just so darn cute and you know it!)


1 comment:

  1. Yogi that deserved a couple of treats, how good are you. Happy Friday to you all.
    Best wishes Molly