Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I still schleepy (Day 163)

Yogi was very sad today. He saw me getting ready to go out and followed me about everywhere. However, I was going to places where dogs aren't accepted and didn't want to leave him in the car while I wandered the library. (It's like a door to Narnia in there.) 

I also got an UV filter for my camera because as Rosey said at the course I went to that if your lens gets scratched that's a couple of hundred dollars. If the uv filter gets scratched then it's only $22 as it turns out. 

He's been schleepy today apart from when he tried to get a bit of a blitz going. The only problem was Yattie Da Evil Cat staring him down and giving him a swipe when Yogi stopped to let him pass. But, I'm sure it's just Yattie's way of saying "I love you, Yogi."

Lots of photos of him sleeping lately.

Blinds down.

Can't bark at stuff I can't see. Sad Puppy.

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