Wednesday, August 1, 2012

I Da Cutest Cavachon (Day 164)

It's not cold by Chicago or Alaskan standards or even Japanese winter. But, by Adelaide standards it's bloody freezing outside. It's a very cold 10c. Yogi heard me heading out to put out the washing and decided to follow me. 

I got to use a new setting on the camera. Night portrait. That's something I learnt from the course the other day. I'm going to keep an eye on the women's community centre and hope they bring the 8 week photography course around again. It would be a very handy skill to have. I won't always be taking photos of Yogi. 

In fact I'm going to head out one day soon just to shoot random photos and see what I come up with. I've been trying to decide if I should stick to shooting in raw. (You have to admit some of these photos of Yogi would be amazing as a print hanging on the wall. I should really learn how to water mark as well just in case someone sees how cute Yogi is and how great my photography skills are;) Heh. I'm thinking about doing a calendar at the end of the year. So keeping that in mind I'm still humming and harring.)

I think we've outsmarted Yogi now. He doesn't like taking his meds so Katt pops it down his throat and then I slip a bit of liver treat in there. He forgets the tablets in there and gets busy crunching up the treat. You know... we're going to find a pile of white tablets hidden away somewhere one day soon and I'll be going damn he has outsmarted us.

I learnt a bit about night photography tonight too. It's cool taking the camera off auto and learning to play with it.

 It cold. The force in this one commands you
let him back inside. You may come to. If you bring treats.

What you talking about Willis?
(Showing your age there aren't you Aunty Anne?
I'm too young to remember that show. But I'm sure
Arnold wasn't anywhere near as cute as me!)

Okay, Fine. You win. PLEASE let me in with the treats.


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