Friday, July 13, 2012

Poor Puppy (Day 145)

Heh, Poor Yogi. 

I decided to take him out for a walk today. Must remember have to take him every day for a few minutes at least. We got to the corner and I felt the rain drops falling so turned around and went home.

So, Katt decided to take him with her to pick up Uncle Roni. Only problem is Mummy had car trouble so Uncle Grumpi went to get Uncle Roni instead. So, Yogi was all dressed up in his harness sitting in the car waiting for Mummy to get back and drive them away. Just to keep him happy she drove down the servo. (Servo is a petrol station... gas station for you non Aussies. Where does servo come from? We also call it a service station. Not that you get service anymore.)

What was that?

You're kidding me?

Oh. You were kidding.
I am disappoint.


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