Sunday, July 15, 2012

Where are you? (Day 147)

Wow, I'm pretty happy with today's shots. I took them before I headed off to have coffee with a friend. I'm looking forward to sitting down and watching some tutorials so I can get this off automatic settings. But, I am impressed with how they look. 
I was talking to Bonnie on Viber (I love talking to my friend in the US for free.) and she demanded I put her on speaker so she could call Yogi. It was funny he was looking at Katt with this "You're calling me but you're nowhere near me and you're not moving your lips." look. He didn't notice that the person calling him had an American accent. It was funny as he looked around the room after that.
He went nuts today. It was so funny. I walked out of my room and he ran at me leaping into attack position at the last second. Then I stepped towards him and he was off... he ran into the lounge and back to me. I took another step it went on for about 3 minutes. Then he blitzed off into the kitchen and got himself a drink. I took the opportunity to jump into the bath and stand there holding the door. I could hear him doing the quick she's gonna get me move... wait she's not after me... jump into position again... no she's still not after me.. where is she... and he padded into the bathroom looking for me. I leaned at him and he jumped into 'I'm gonna run' but he just jumped back a couple of steps and looked at me. Man, one day we will have to get video of his antics. It's so cute. 

I sad coz Pengin's on the edge.

Someone's calling me. 

But they're not inside... maybe they outside!

No, they not outside. I know!


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