Friday, August 24, 2012

Contemplating Cavachon (Day 187)

Well, I bought and one day I will figure out how to point the blog to a part of the domain. The blogger instructions just confuse me. But, one day I shall learn my way through it all. It's up but I don't have anything running there yet. I want to point this to a blog page and then I'll probably use wordpress for the main site. (Am I allowed to mention that on blogger? *gasp*)

I'm heading out the door in a second so it's just one photo today. I ordered more postcards today and a present for Katt. I'll wait till it gets here until I decide if it looks good enough to actually give to her;) Gotta love vistaprint's "free" sales. The nice thing was this time I didn't end up paying a huge amount of postage. As I was logging out they offered me 50 more postcards for $10 so I took it using the new domain.

I'll be making sure something will be there by the time we get around to handing those out. Hopefully tomorrow I can sit down and have a play. 

I a little worried. Is Aunty Anne gonna figure it out?