Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Is it that day already? (Day 170)

Wow, it's already day 170... I'm almost at the halfway mark. Soon I'll be on the downhill slope.
Sometimes I can get a few great photos of Yogi. Sometimes I can get 70 or more blurry shots. Guess what kind of day today was *sigh*.
I've signed up to do a 1 day workshop with the woman who did the 3 hour course. I have a feeling I'll walk away being about to cut my blurry into half. I look forward to that. The more Yogi photos the better. I need to make a calendar!
We went for a ride to Mum and Dad's today. Didn't stay too long. Just long enough to discover that I know where every copy of my Harry Potter books is apart from the first one. Which is extremely annoying when you want to lend someone the series.
 Dey not horns growing out of my head!
I sweet and innocent at all times. I swear!

 Look into my eyes. You believe me. You know
you do. There is no evil in this Cavachon.


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