Monday, August 6, 2012

Charlie Charlie Charlie! (Day 169)

Sarah's been sick of late so we haven't been walking in the mornings. I feel for her. I think she has that 100 day flu that I had a couple of years ago. It's something you probably would wish on your worst enemy but no one else. It's horrid. You can barely move.

Anyway, I popped around there because we were going to go for a short walk in the afternoon. Only she'd just made herself some lunch when her friend turned up. Her kids came home and we all decided we should go to the dog park. Charlie (their little and I mean little pup. I will try and get some photos of the two of them together soon.) had never been so it was time for him to see what the great world of dog parks was about.

Yogi was a perfect gentleman sitting in between the kids in the back seat. Charlie was in his cat cage. Apparently he doesn't travel well and it makes it easier on him. What a good idea though I thought. Charlie hates me. Or he did. I'd go and visit and it would be bark and growl and bark and growl and warn me off. Today? I think I got about 2 barks and that was it. He even played with me.

But, I had to laugh at the dog park. This whippet started chasing him coz Charlie runs really fast... and I mean REALLY fast even Yogi was having trouble keeping up. And Charlie turned around to give her what for. (You know small dog syndrome.. I'd tell you his breed but I can't spell Chihuahua for the life of me... but he is crossed with Pomeranian... I doubt I spelt that any better. Thank you spell check.) She just stood there with this "Why don't you love me??" look on her face.

The other incident that had us in stitches. Charlie comes racing back with the ball and stops suddenly. Yogi is a few seconds behind him. Yogi's brakes didn't work... BANG... and poor Charlie went sliding. It was really funny but don't worry Yogi fans both of them were fine. Yogi was so proud of himself... he got mud everywhere. He even had what looked like war paint on his face. Sadly it didn't show up so well in the photos. 

So, he didn't get to go for a walk today but he did get to go to the park so he's happy. He'll get a walk tomorrow though. I didn't get a chance to go on mine! Which is my own fault because I came home to start reading Fifty Shades Darker. I just want to finish the series - it's not that I'm finding it particularly thrilling but it's not as painful as reading Twilight was. I thought if I'm going to diss a book I really should read it first. But, I know that's not really Yogi related I just thought I'd share coz it seems to be so controversial at the moment.

I normally light grey and dark grey. Today I added
brown into the mix. Just to see how it looked. What
do you think? Should I keep it or stay natural?

Oh no... I got my paws dirty too! Not the paws!


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