Sunday, August 5, 2012

Walkies AGAIN! (Day 168)

Yogi was very happy today. It rained and it poured and then the sun was shining so I walked him up to my parents again. He's worked out the doggie door now so he was in and out like it was nobody's business.
But he was one tuckered out little puppy tonight. Just flopped on the floor. I got up and ran for the camera muttering to him "I just wish you would stay in that position." He actually did. My jaw dropped open and then he let me take lots of photos. He didn't move an inch. Sadly, the not moving thing doesn't make for a variety of photos. Just same old same old. 
He's still adorable though. He was a pain on the leash today though. I kind of appreciated being pulled along on the way there but not so much on the way back. He wanted nothing more than to run across the main road and meet the dogs in the sand yard across there. I was worried he'd slip the harness or something and make a run for it. Happily it held. Unhappily he didn't listen to me when I was telling him to stop it. 
Do you think Katt would notice if I said I was taking him for a walk and slipped him in the car around to the local dog obedience class? Hmm, perhaps putting my plan in black and white on his blog that she reads wasn't such a great idea. HI KATT! Nothing to see here just move a long. (It's the choker chain they use she has issues with. Not him getting training.) He'd just be so damn good at agility. I'd love to see him moving up the ranks with that. Failing that, I'd love for him to just walk on a loose lead next to me. That would change my life. 
I'm actually trying to take him for a walk every day now. It's good for him and it's great for me. 
What do you mean comb overs don't suit anyone?

 I'm Da Cutest Cavachon ever... I am da Elvis of Puppydom!


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