Monday, August 20, 2012

Ruh-Roh I in trouble. (Day 183)

Well, Katt was very unimpressed with Yogi. Yogi was just doing his normal going off banging at the window with his paws and barking his head off. Nothing unusual although he usually does it about 6 at night gets yelled at and put into time out by Aunty Anne *if* he doesn't stop. 

It's quite funny. He'll bark stop... look at me and turn back around and stop unless he forgets and starts again. I'm trying not to step in as much because he is Katt's dog and she needs to be the alpha. I've got some kind of cold at the moment and I've been losing my voice. It was great when I just pointed at the couch and he got straight up there and kept looking to me to see if he was allowed back up there yet. 

This damn coughing is driving me nuts. Katt also ran out of gas. (LPG gas not petrol which is known as gas in the U.S. What do you call LPG gas over there? Or don't you have it?) then her battery was dead. Lucky for her our neighbours actually had jumper cables which I borrowed on her behalf and all ended well with everyone at home.

Yogi was happy because he went with Katt... then I picked him up and took him home to visit Zill and then he went for a drive with my brother and I and then he came home. It's been a big day for him.

It's exciting. I am now closer to the end of this project than I was yesterday. 
Um. I got something to say.

 Sorry Mummy.


I said I was SORRY MUMMY.
Can I have treats now?

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