Tuesday, August 21, 2012

NO Aunty Anne (Day 184)

Yogi and I just had an argument. I am NOT taking my medicine. NO NO NO NO. I'm gonna hide it in the side of my mouth and spit it out when you're not watching. I swear he was not this much trouble when Katt wasn't here. He'd just do what I wanted coz he knew he got a treat afterwards. 

Now he's playing up and pretending he doesn't want to be a good boy and take his medicine. I'll just let Katt use the cheese method in the future. When she goes away again I'll revert to no you're having your meds without cheese method.

 If I wanna bark my head off I WILL!

 What do you mean that I'm not allowed treats if
I bark my head off for as long as I want? I WANT THEM!


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