Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sulking (Day 191)

The skies are grey and overcast today. It's cold. Yogi's been sitting on the table staring out at the world. Feeling sad that his humans aren't taking him to the park.
Even worse his Aunty Anne came home smelling of a dog he doesn't know! The sacrelidge! I went to visit a friend today and took my camera along so I could take some photos of Max for her. He kept coming up to me putting his paws on me and then looking over at his Mum as if to say "Aren't you jealous? Give me treats and I'll love her less!"
Yogi of course looked over at me as I approached. I lift the viewfinder to my eye and he looks away. I guess after 191 days he's wondering if it's ever going to end. Not too much longer Yogi, not too much longer. Only a few more months. 
I've managed to get the blog pointing to where I wanted it so I'm happy about that but I'm going to have to figure out what to do about the front page as it seems I can only have the one wordpress on the domain. (Techinically this is a subdomain of my domain even though I bought the domain. It's all very covuluted. But I managed to get somewhere so I'm happy.)
Anyways, here's some sad Yogi bear shots.
Go Away. I sad Puppy.

 Wait. Wait. I see blue sky!

 Never mind. False alarm.


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