Wednesday, August 29, 2012

But Intruders! (Day 192)

We have a slight tom cat problem at the moment. It likes to come into our front yard at night and cry out that no one loves it and it's going to show how much it doesn't care by peeing somewhere in the vicinity of our doorstep. Yattie Da Evil Cat just ignores him but Yogi just can't.

He was actually very naughty just then. I went to chase off the cat and  he decided to come out through the door I had ajar and go tell the cat off himself. He got down the bottom of the steps and I told him to get back inside. He stopped looked at me... contemplated it said no and turned around to walk off. I told him once again in no uncertain times to get back inside. He looked at me again and thought maybe it would be a good idea if I did. I'm glad he listens to me. I also won't underestimate him again. I will go out the door and shut it behind me rather than just leaning out.

He was a bit loopy this afternoon. He'd been outside for a couple of hours and when I greeted him all he wanted to do was play and play and play. I chased him a couple of times and then went to do what I was going to do anyway. Fun times. 

Hopefully the weather will be better tomorrow and we'll all be feeling better. We've all been under the weather of late. 

He's out there again! 

I just trying to protect you! Don't be mad.

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