Thursday, August 30, 2012

Time Out My Paw (Day 193)

He was at it again tonight. So I put him in time out on the couch.
He decided he didn't want to be in time out so got off the couch. 
I said "YOGI..." he turned around looked at me and decided he did want to be on the couch after all. He heaved a mighty sigh and curled up next to me. 

After a few minutes of him being quiet I asked Katt if it was time for him to come out of his time out and she agreed. I then asked if he wanted to go outside and he went from grumpy to omg yes yes yes let me out lemme out lemme out! I wanna go out out out! He was prancing about so now he's outside. 

He so did not want me to take photos today. I can't believe in a week we'll be on day 200. That's exciting. 

Hehe. I'm in time out. Chilling on the couch.

Wait. Time out. On the couch. Not at the window
barking my head off. I don't think I like this!

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