Thursday, August 23, 2012

Wow Mummy. That smells good. (Day 186)

Yogi and I are both sitting here watching Katt make banana choc chip pancakes. The only difference is one of us hopes they're going to get some and one of us knows they are because one of us isn't allowed human food.

The weather has been abysmal today. Worse than normal. Katt and I ran out to get the washing off the line and the peg basket had ejected all pegs and made a run for it on it's own. It was freezing cold rain too we could tell by the couple of drops that got under the veranda and onto our backs.

So I bought a domain today. I'm just waiting for all the things to be set forward so that I can use it as such. Well, technically I bought 3. One for Yogi, one for me and one for a friend. I'll be very happy to see Yogi's up and running. I will be able to go through and put all of the photos I haven't put online up there. 

It was so funny this afternoon. I put my hand out with the signal for 'reach' and Yogi went through high fiving me, rolling over and then rolling over again and looking at me. I love that he goes through them all to figure out which trick you want. He's so cute. 
Although Katt didn't think so when she was brushing him. He hopped down she picked up her coffee to have a sip and it was half gone. Guess who was helping himself while she was busy with the brush?

Mmm. That smells nice Mummy

Well chocolates not good for humans either! Hrmph!



  1. Understand that chocolate thingy, but they could give us something else while they have the chocolate, RIGHT HUMANS!!!!!

    Susie & Bites

  2. Hmm and here I though Aunty Anne was allowed human food LOL