Wednesday, September 26, 2012

(Day 221)

He's such a cutie.
We'll have another announcement soon. Can't believe we're almost in the home stretch now. Before we know it day 300 will be upon us. I'm looking forward to hitting the 6000 mark.

I've gone back to the iPhone after what happened with Katt's car and mine a few months ago. I don't feel safe having my good camera here. A few months ago someone tried to break into my car but I was lucky and all they managed to do was damage the lock.

Katt on the other hand wasn't so lucky. They managed to get her car out and backed it into a tree out the front smashing the back windscreen. There is no way it rolled itself - as there are two turns out of our drive way and one of them is very sharp. Can't help but wonder if Yogi was barking his head off at something and not just a reflection for once:/ 

I loves Aunty Anne's new bed.

So much that I'm wondering if it's worth the 
trouble I'll be in if I mark it as my territory.

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