Monday, October 22, 2012

Aunty Anne's Again!(Day 246)

I said to Katt Yogi must feel like he comes from a broken home as he's back with me again as she jets back across the country.

He was so happy to be back too. He's fitted right back in and he's feeling a lot more comfortable as well as I just had to tell him off for barking. I think he was trying to let Charlie that he's okay he's just up the road so don't worry.

I've shut him in for the night now. Although, he'll probably ask me if he can go back out again soon. There he goes pushing on the door. Aunty Anne it won't open! Of course not you were out barking. I can hear him sticking his head through the cat door. My beloved Meggsy has been gone 2 years but we still have the small cat door he used to use there. When Yogi was younger he stunned my niece and I by fitting through it. He can't fit anymore so he's not impressed.

I got out the big guns today and took some photos. I think he looks lovely in canon. It's funny that I gave this blog up and handed it over to Katt and yet here I am again typing away. (Hi Candy! I trust it was up early enough for you and your coffee today;))

He's blitzed a fair amount today. I was just playing with him while I waited for the photos to upload. Hmm why did they load? Blogger can't make up it's mind that I've got space for photos or not:/ Oh well won't complain makes life easier when they do load. 

OMG I'm back in the 70s! Look at your carpet!

Seriously? What were you thinking when you chose
this carpet? 

Stop distracting me with carpet. Where's Mummy?
Tell me or I'll grark at you! 

 What do you mean she went away again?

I gonna pray she comes home soon. 
You just can't expect such a stylish puppy to 
live in a place with such carpet. I don't care if you
are attached to it. It's like a hippie threw up a rainbow!

Who am I kidding? I'm stuck here till Mummy comes
home, aren't I? MUMMY!! SAVE ME!


  1. Wundervolle Fotos...
    Liebe GrĂ¼sse von Sylvia und Tibi
    Have so a Websitetranslater?Form mehr?
    Look please ob my Blog i have this..

  2. LOL I love the carpet Yogi! Your lucky to have your Auntie Anne, cause a kennel isnt any fun at all. Love your taking care of the blog too! and love you mention me.... heehee huggie Yogi!~ =)


  3. Aww Yogi, you look AMAZING in Canon :) It's definitely 'YOU" :) I'll be back home before you know it! And don't worry Candy, I will NEVER leave Yogi in a 'Boarding Kennel'..(it's only because my sister's back yard is NOT 'Yogi-friendly' atm that he's not here with us now.)