Saturday, October 20, 2012

Back Home (Day 244)


Well hello again. As you can see, I'm back from my 'holiday' interstate.   Yogi was such a darling when Auntie Anne brought him back home today.  I was asleep after travelling all night, and woke up to Yogi jumping up on my waterbed!  I got the BIGGEST smoochy-licky- MUMMMMY greeting :) Makes it worthwhile going away for a few days to come home to greetings like that !

I've got to admit here tho..Yogi hasn't really done anything 'photo-worthy' today, except for the pics below.

I'm keeping an eye on you Mummy.

Aww Mummy, do I really have to do this today? You only just got home :(

Oh, ok then, IF I must, but only cos you promise me a treat..yeah!!  

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  1. Hello FroggyBear!! We misses you! Your blue ball looks so lonely out there all by itself. But, I think you might be laying some good groundwork for me!