Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Out and About (Day 233)


Had to do a bit of running around today, so I took Yogi for the drive, seeing as it's such a beautiful day out there!   The pics speak for themselves, so I'll shut up now :)

Ooh..Mummy says I gotta be a 'good boy' and look after the car while she disappears thru that door!  (I hope she comes back again)
Oooh, I think I see Mummy..I better get a close look!

Yep yep yep..here comes Mummy yay!

Umm Mummy...that little red car in the driveway looks a lot like Casper...is it? Could it be?? 

Nah..I don't wanna get my hopes up...(oh..and Auntie Anne says I not allowed to not show my eyes in my pics...so this one is the LAST time Auntie Anne! )  :)

AUNTIE ANNE!!!   I WAS right,  it IS Casper in the driveway..cos AUNTIE ANNE came to visit!  Hhhhmmm..right there Auntie..that's the spot!!

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