Monday, October 15, 2012

She's Leaving Meeee.(Day 239)

Today's blog is the last one I'll be doing until I get back next week-end.  The look on his face here 'says it all'..
(btw. Auntie Anne is going to continue the daily entries for me..Wuv U AA :)

Have a great week everybody :)

AAARRGH!  Just kidding, I see the light!! 

oooh Mummy, we got Super-Eyes hehehe

hehe  I pretending Sissy's not gonna get a kiss like I gave to Mummy :P

Awww  I getting a BIIIG cuddle...(hmm how long exactly you goin' for Mummy?" What you mean a WHOLE WEEK!  I can't even count how many gazillion/gazillions that is!! 
Hurry back Mummy, I gonna miss you! 

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