Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Juggle Puppy. (Day 240)

So, Katt's off on her grand adventure. It's funny at his place Yogi wants to spend as much time inside as he can. Visiting me here he is inside for about 2 minutes and then wants to be outside. He's adjusted well this time though. Curled up asleep on the couch at the moment.

I was a little too enthusiastic with the ball thrower and whoops the ball ended up on the roof. Thankfully my brother had a couple of tennis balls so gave me one. Yogi was such a good boy last night and chewed up the ball thrower. So whenever I was trying to pick up the ball he was trying to chew the thrower. I have to say though watching Yogi with the tennis balls is one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. He was grabbing it rolling on his back with it in his mouth and then using his paws to push it around. I honestly thought he was trying to teach himself to juggle.

I not juggling, I doing Yogi Yoga!

HI MUMMY! I miss you!
Send file in cake! 

I promised him a trip to the park tomorrow so he's excited.

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  1. There ya go Yogi, you don't have to wait till the w/end to go out visiting :) Missing both you & Yattie heeps. Yertl & The Fishes (sounds like a Band) probly haven't even noticed I'm not there hehehe. Can't wait to see your blog every day. (Auntie Anne will give you a big cuddle for me, I'm sure. :)