Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Yogi's Yard-work NOT!! (Day 226)


Another beautiful day here in Adelaide (Sth Australia)...so Mummy and  Jodie and Harley were out digging holes.  I wanna know how come THEY can dig holes, but I get in trouble for the ones I dig... probly cos I dig 'em ALLL over the garden!

 What's a poor little Cavachon to do..all this effort I put into the digging, but NOT A TREAT IN SIGHT!! Hooooowwwwllll (that's Yogi-speak for 'nooooooo'!!)
What's that you say?  You wanna go look at the holes I dug for Mummy? You're going the right way..
Now just over there a bit more, and around the corner..see it??
Oh nooo, my biggest bestest hole got filled in with water in a big bucket...(oh.,my bad,,hehe  it's another Pond!)   
I should go remind Mummy that I haven't had ANY treats for Eleventy Billion-Trillion-Gazillion Yogi-Years!!   (Hope I don't waste away before Mummy gets some more!)


  1. hehe It appears my camera is in the 'future' going by the Date-stamp LOL So you shouldn't really be seeing these pics until tomorrow!!

  2. It's just a case of jumping the date line :D

    Tomorrow it'll be one year since I came to visit... Hoe time flies.