Monday, November 26, 2012

Close-Ups...Win?? > > FAIL!!! (Day 280)

Oh my, is anyone else (who reads this blog) aware that there are 'only' 85 Days left of Yogi's " 1 year in the life of a Cavachon" blog?  (well, when I say 'left' I'm meaning  'every day posts' won't be happening, it'll be more like "When good stuff (or Bad) happens' thru Yogi's future days. It will possibly come down to a 'weekly' or 'bi-weekly' posts.
Anyways...Auntie Anne is always asking for Close-Ups of Yogi's gorgeous face.  Well!  Do you know how HARD it is to get nice portrait shots when the subject of said portrait shot waits till the very last second before the flash goes off to turn away, look away..just in general..mess up!  The following pics are todays' concerted effort by my daughter Jodie & myself to get even 'close' to what I wanted!  Enjoy :)
Oh's Magic Tricks time.."Now Ya See Me..."
"Now Ya Don't!   hehehe

Ooooops, I don't think Jodie was impressed that I tricked her...
I'm sorry  Jodie,,really I'll see, I'll be good now.

Aww Mummy, what do you mean "you looked away Yogi"??  I was showing you my 'best' side...

Or was it this way?? hhhmm.. I THINK it is..

Oh Yeah..this IS my 'good' side

What do you mean "This is your 'good side'?? This is my 'good FRONT..not my 'good side"!!
(NOT LONG AFTER THIS...I had to go looking for Yogi..he HAD 'disappeared'..all the way under the red computer desk!  (Mind you..there WAS a mini-thunderstorm going on at the time!) found me, it safe to come out now??

 Are you SURE.?? I don't see Yattie (Da Evil Cat) sitting out there with you..!!
So..thanks but no thanks, I'll stay right here for now..(at least until Yattie comes out too) !!!


  1. I know EXACTLY how hard it is that's why I'm ROFLMAO... because now you understand too!

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