Saturday, November 17, 2012

I'm So Lonely..(Day 271)

Auntie Anne came for a visit today, and Flame was with her. I only know this 'cos they came and said 'hello' thru the side game, (but there's only a teeny-tiny gap that I can see thru, so it wasn't much fun).
I know they stayed a while, because I could hear Flame barking occasionally, but because I was OUTside., I couldn't come 'help' her..I'm a silly cavachon, cos I thought she was in trouble and needed me to 'save' her!..I didn't know they were PLAYING..with me outside still! Oh kinda worked out good in the end.
Mummy came out and put my leash on me, then took me inside. Hello Aun'nnn..heeeello Flame!!
To cut a long conversation short..Flame and I had a chat about the 'barks from the neighbourhood', so I told her about Charlie (next door), and the very Bark-ey dogs in the garden-centre yard. 

I heard Auntie Anne telling Mummy that Flame is coming back tomorrow..
Ooh, I do hope I heard right

Is Flame gonna come here every day now Mummy?
Wow, this waiting sure is much longer now Mummy?
Aww.. not another sleep away..
Why does it always have to be '1 more sleep'...
Mummmy, can you make tomorrow get here faster?

No? yeah, that's what I thought..
and I'm a pretty darn clever little cavachon,  just ask anybody..)

Oh okay, I'll be patient, I'll just sit up here and watch for them, ok? .. waiting...waiting..waizzzzzzzz...

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