Saturday, November 10, 2012

Storm Aftermath (Day 263)


We've had some pretty nasty weather here lately, but thankfully the only 'casualty' was the Gazebo! It can be fixed IF I can find the 'special' corner joiners. Hopefully, now that Summer is starting to show itself, the weather will be a lot more 'settled', and Yogi & I can go to the P.A.R.K. a lot more often.

Aww Mummy, the nice Gazebo all fall down!  Guess those winds were REALLY strong, huh?!

And that's what all the banging was? But you told me it was 'Thunder'!! :(

And YEP, Yattie and I got just a leeetle bit scared, but you protected us didn't you Mummy.
And now we'll just have to fix out little 'Secret Garden" up again, yeah??

Mummy said I've been such a GOOD boy today (cos I didn't chase Yattie (D.E.K.) when he ran across the yard; I got DOUBLE Choccie Treats for that! .

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