Thursday, November 8, 2012

Who's Out There? (Day 262)

Today has been a pretty 'quiet' day...I was out this morning (paying bills etc), and came home to a rather schleepy household,   .. (truth be told, I wish I could have stayed in bed too LOL)
 We have a 'mix' of pics today, as guess who came for a visit? Yep Yep got it..Auntie Anne!  Yogi was very good today and only jumped at her a little!  I had to scoot out for a bit this arvo so Auntie Anne stayed to keep Yogi company. Lo and Behold, when I get back..guess who's been a 'happy snapper'?!  So...'first cab off the rank' is....

The Anonymous Belly Rubber is here again! YAY!!

My shadow has a Mohawk??   Spikey!

Yep yep yep..Auntie Anne is here, cos I can still see Casper!

I'm standing guard, making sure Yattie (Da Evil Katt) doesn't make a break for it out the front!  And cos he's been a good boy (according to Mummy, but what would she know hehe), we're going to include a 'BONUS Video' of Da Yattsta  tomorrow (was gonna be for today but Mummy can't get the video to load...
(ummm Auntie Anne...HELP PLZ! )

Todays Pics Brought To You Compliments Of  Auntie Anne!!


  1. That was his "I've conquered Mt Aunty Anne!" again face.

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