Monday, November 12, 2012

ZORG Is Back In Town (Day 266)

Yogi has an ear problem similar to Cocker Spaniels, he has trouble with water in his ears. The problem I encountered last night tho, has forced me to use the Elizabethan Collar on Yoge again, as his scratching at his ear was causing it to bleed. He actually seems quite happy with it on now, and he hasn't tried to scratch at his ear AT ALL today. Not like last night where it was constant shaking/scratching!  He is just a VERY sleepy puppy, cos it wasn't until like 4am this morning that I actually found the 'bucket' for him, after he woke me a few times with his antics. But in saying that..he really does  look very tired in these pics, so, in all fairness to Yogi, I only took these two today.

Aww Mummy, I'm not ready to be ZORG today..I soo schleepy not even TREATS will help!

Hmm, maybe tomorrow Auntie Anne will put my ZORG cape on me, then I'll feel better! I'm gonna dream that she is, hehe  niteni.....zzzzzzzzzz

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