Friday, March 23, 2012

No Photos!! I'm NAKED! (Day 33)

So, it was D-Day.

Yogi looked like this when he went off to the groomers this morning.

Hi Aunty Anne.
No, I'm okay right here. 
I don't want to come in.

No, really. I'll stay out here today.
Aren't I cute just the way I am?

So, off he went. Happy coz he does love them down at the vets but a bit worried about what was going to happen I think.

Anyway, I could distract you with some long interesting story about what he's been up to. But, well, not much has been going on. Although, I did try and get video after his bath coz that was just classic. He was running around and weaving around obstacles. Just too hard to get good video in a dark room full of people and chairs that he's ducking around. So pretty much you would have seen a blur of Yogi and then the floor. 

So, is that enough of a pause in lieu of a drum roll? 

Don't say it.
Don't say a bloody thing.
Or I will bite you.

This is all that's left of the last guy to 
make a comment. Consider this a warning.

I just kidding. I wuv you! 
I know I'm still adorable. 

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