Monday, April 30, 2012

Ball Thief (Day 71)

Yogi did it again. Only this time, being at the small dog park, there were no labs running hell for leather after him. Just dogs smaller than him. It was pretty funny - except when Katt and I were trying to get the ball to give it back and Yogi was charging off. 

I had to laugh when Katt was holding Yogi as she'd just grabbed the ball of him. She threw the ball back to the owners and let go of Yogi. Guess where that ball ended up? Yep it started off all over again.

Tricky was there today so they got into a bit of a wrestling match again. So that was fun to see. 

Smudge would like to say hi to you all today. I was just taking a shot of the ball thief and came up with this brilliant shot.

 First Smudge comes when I'm called
(I ignored them) and got MY treat...
and now he's in my shot with a huge grin!
This is MY blog Smudge. MINE. Just
like this ball that I stole 'coz I like squeaking it.

I came this time. Otherwise Smudge
might get ALL my treats. Can't have that!

You haven't given me any treats, Mum.
I been sitting here waiting for eleventy billion years!
What do you mean you just gave me two?
Prove it!


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