Sunday, April 29, 2012

Going in the Carr Carr Carr (Day 70)

Took Yogi down the dog park again today. So many puppies there on Sundays. It's great. Although, Yogi didn't do too much chasing. Someone had a dog in there that was too big for the small dogs, but they had a smaller dog with them. I don't think I'd want to take that little one into the the all dog park either.

There were some beautiful huge dogs next door. I swear one of them was part wolf. I'm a sucker for a husky or a malamute and there were a few in there. I wanted to run in and pat them all. The husky was all white apart from a few black spots on his ears. I want one. (Shh don't tell Yogi. Although, he's Katt's dog so I can get a husky if I wanna. Wow, I just got sidetracked on a 2 hour let's look at the adoptable dogs fest.) 
Can't stop now Mum. Welcoming
Community duties call! HII new puppies!

I got told not BARK while at the petrol station.
Sad Panda. (Mummy taught me how to say Panda!)

 Mummy won't notice if I start barking.
She's in the shop. I gotta bark or she'll 
lose the car again. Can't have that!
Friends of the Greyhound  is the site I was checking out. Mum and Dad's dog is getting on. She's 13 this year. Lyn suggested that they look into getting a retired greyhound when the time does come as they're happy to be couch potatoes as they've had their runs by racing. It's much much better to rescue a dog than to buy from a pet shop. We have to stop the puppy mills.


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