Friday, April 13, 2012

Blurry Pup (Day 54)

Been a busy day. Didn't get to the dog park today. Probably won't until Sunday. I must get in the habit of getting the photos first thing in the morning when it's daylight. How many times have I said that now?

He likes to pretend he's gonna let me take a really cute photo and then moves at the last second just when my phone has focused. It's very frustrating. Katt said to me tonight I should get some food. That would give him focus - she's probably right. He just keeps moving at the last second leaving me with blurry rather than aww how cute photos.

 I watching you closely Mummy.
You got food for me don't you? 

Don't you think I should get food internets?

Was quite amusing this morning when Yattie wanted to play. Yogi wasn't quite sure what to do about it. Was even funnier when Yogi jumped up to the window. Yattie ran up to the top of the cat pole and then reached down to play whack-a-tail with Yogi's tail. Yogi looked scandalised and jumped down really quickly. It's great to see Yattie in play mode rather than I shall rip your entrails out mode. 


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