Saturday, April 14, 2012

I'm Popeye the sailor dog! (Day 55)

Wow, already at day 55. 

Katt's dropping us off at the small dog park today while she goes to an appointment. Yogi's not his usual happy self today and I think it's coz he's missing his friends. But, Katt doesn't want to go back to the normal one which is understandable with the run ins we've had lately where most people don't seem to think controlling their dog IN the dog park is necessary. 

Anyway, so she'll drop us off go do what she has to and then come back to pick us up. There will probably be quite a few people there seeing it's such a beautiful day.

 I'm Yogi da Cavachon!
But this is my popeye impression

I'm a bit grouchy Aunty Anne wouldn't
give me a pipe so I could really be Popeye.

I'm not sure I nailed it. 
I think I needed more spinach.


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