Sunday, April 15, 2012

Katt's Kamera (Day 56)

So, we took Yogi back to the big small dog park today. Saw Mr Wilson and his mum again (Hi!) after meeting them yesterday. Mr Wilson is part bichon so it was interesting to chat with someone else who understands the blitzing.

I drove so I set my phone to camera and handed it to Katt. So today's photos are brought you by the letter K.

365 Days of Yogi, Katt
Of YOGI da Cavachon

I started to wonder what I'd done... but then... she got better.

At least I in the photo this time Mummy!

Can I drive? Can I? Can I?
I wanna drive! Let me drive! Let me!

And then came the money shot. I shall let Katt handle the camera again on the basis of this.

It's a bandana! Not an ascot.
Not. An. Ascot.

That shot really shows up his beautiful brown eyes. He looks at you with these eyes and you just melt and want to give him whatever he wants.


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