Monday, April 16, 2012

Upside Down! Upside Down!(Day 57)

I walked past Katt's place this morning and was rewarded with this sight:

This is the most comfortable a Cavachon has ever been!

I thought to myself if Katt wakes up to find me in here she's gonna be creeped out. But, well cavachon cuteness vs creeping Katt out. I sent her a photo I took the other day of her and both her boys in bed, along with pengin. But, I was good and didn't post it on the blog. She'd probably have kicked me out! Of course I'd have to sneak back in for the next 308 days...

I was playing Chase Pengin with Yogi last night. I'd throw him, he'd run grab him and run past me and then refuse to let me have pengin again. He was laying on his back at one stage happily chewing away on the toy. I took one step towards him and he flipped himself over to his stomach and put his head over pengin. 

I just wish that the iphone camera did better in low light. This pic just does not convey the cuteness that I saw this morning. The way he turned his head a little more to go Oh hai Aunty Anne. I schleepy so I not getting up. He even stayed still while I tried to get a better pic.


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