Thursday, April 19, 2012

Froggie Bear (Day 60)

Katt pointed out I did forget a funny story about Tricky yesterday. Yogi had him pinned down - and stood on his ears so he couldn't get up. It probably wasn't too funny for Tricky but the rest of us found it amusing. He was fine just a little frustrated but he got his revenge when he had Yogi flipped onto his back.

Yogi has a habit of sitting with his back legs spread. I call him 'Froggie Bear' when he does this and Katt always looks at me strangely. It's quite funny.

Hi Blog followers.
This is my mat. I like to drag it around.

I froggie bear! 

There was a sound from inside.
Mum might have treats that need rescuing.
Froggie Bear to the rescue!


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