Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Happy Pup (Day 59)

Yogi had the time of his life today. There were lots of puppies at the dog park when we got there. One of them and him hit it off. Tricky was a beautiful cocker spaniel with a loving nature. 

It was great to see a friendly bunch of people at the park as most of the time everyone seems stand offish. Not all of them but it just feels kinda cliquey.

Yogi and Tricky offset each other really well. They had a great time. 

Tricky! You'd make a great door,
but you're not such a good window.

Yin and Yang!

Those two had the time of their lives and it was great to see.

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  1. But Auntie Anne, you didn't mention the FUNNIEST bit...when I was standing on Tricky's EARS when he was wrestling with me...was SOO funny, cos Tricky couldn't stand up to 'get' me again LOL