Friday, April 27, 2012

Wash Wash (Day 68)

I had quite an amusing morning. Yogi was curled up on his arm chair so I told him he had to go out to the toilet and then I'd let him back in coz it was bedtime. 

He followed me up to my door and just looked at me when I laughed and said, "No you're not coming in here anymore. It's bedtime with Mummy." 
I opened my door and took a step, intending to close the door before he could dart in. I burst out laughing as he darted in and sat on the bed. I told him that if he was intending to stay in then I'd have to put my mattress protector ontop of the electric blanket. 
Have you ever tried to make a bed around a dog? It's not the easiest thing in the world. He wanted to go out again so I let him out. He came in and I said 'bedtime' he trotted straight into Katt's room. What made me laugh was when he turned around looked at me with that "Aren't you coming too look?" I cracked up explaining to him that Mum and I don't have that kind of relationship.
The rest of it went like this:
Y: Oh, can you leave your door open then? I wanna go between all 3! 
A: No, Yogi. If you wanna come in here you're going to stay in here but you're not allowed to pee in here.
Y: Oh. But I want all 3. 
A: Yogi if you want to stay out there it's fine. But, I am not going to leave my door open.
Y: Oh... I guess I'll stay with you then, Aunty Anne.
He jumped up on my bed and assured me he wasn't going to pee. 
 I sad that you don't let me in here anymore.

Are you sure you won't leave the door open?

Katt booked Yogi in with Lyn of Aussie Pooch Mobile today. Yogi was happy and friendly and then suddenly he didn't love her anymore. Although, afterwards when she went to unplug her extension cord Yogi went running after her to tell her how much she loved him. In the Northern Suburbs of Adelaide? I highly recommend her! Had to laugh when we were telling Sarah how we'd booked Yogi in with the woman who does my parents dog (Zilla aka Daisy), and she said she used to do Bonnie too. That's Adelaide for you. What's this 6 degrees of separation nonsense? It's 2 degrees in Adelaide. 

 I clean now. I CLEAN! I CLEAN!
Let me out! I CLEAN I TELLS YOU!

 First you wash me. Now you dry me?
How much is a little Cavachon expected to take?

See that driveway over there? That's where it
happened. They took my dignity away.
I'm not going to lie to you. It was rough.
I barely survived. 

 See that spot over there?
That's where I marked my territory.
That was easy. I even remembered to
cock my leg. I don't always remember that bit.


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