Friday, August 17, 2012

We all love Aunty Karen (Day 180)

Well, Karen and I got further in our planning today than we have all week so that was something. Then we went out to get a current Lonely Planet guide to Japan. She came back with a Nikkon D3200. It does 24MP so I'm a little jealous. But, I do love my Canon. 
She also gave me all my birthday presents for the next 20 years. I just wanted to show her the tripod I was thinking of getting for when we travel next year. It was a good choice too - it weighs under 1kg. So it's extremely light but holds my camera fine. It will be great for the vlogging we're doing.
I'll be getting a domain next week so you'll be able to follow Yogi at his new site. (I think I can set up blogger to just redirect and thus not lose all the features but it means I won't run out of room. Which I don't seem to have with my photos. So that's interesting too.) Karen and I are also going to be doing a blog for the next few months as we prepare for the trip. We'll be vlogging as well. 
Oh yeah, my birthday and Christmas present was a gopro. I cannot wait to stick it on Yogi and let him run about wearing the camera. Yogi cam is coming! I might wear it myself to the dog park and chase him around wearing it on my head. That would be an interesting conversation starter.
You will be glad to know today... I had a treat in my hand and told him he could have it if I got some really adorable photos. I did :D
Also: He's missing his Mummy. Cuddles from Aunty Anne and Aunty Karen just aren't the same. Yattie Da Evil Cat says how dare you go away mother and come back right now. I am not being treated with the respect and utter slave hood devotion that I desire. 

Have you seen my Mummy?

I looked in the bedroom, she wasn't there.

I looked in the snack box. She wasn't there.

Did you hide my Mummy, Aunty Anne?

Just Kidding! I know she visiting Aunty Dawn!


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