Saturday, November 10, 2012

Cleaning Up The Yard (Day 264)

Today Yogi decided he was gonna help my daughter (Jodie), my grandson (Harley) and Brett clean up the backyard, as we're in the process of preparing some of the garden to be  ready for sowing a vegetable patch.

The pics below show the extent of his 'helping paws' :)

(Yogi)"Hi Mummy, I'm helping...where do you want these?"
(Me)"Over near the woodpile, plz Yogi"

(Yogi) "Ok, is 'here' near enuff?
(Me) "Umm. yep that will be fine, thank you"
(take note of the brown stick to the left of Yogi's back leg)

(Me) "Hey Yogi, there's a stick missing here"
(See previous pic)

(Yogi) "Do you mean my new 'Toothpick"??

(Yogi, after I translated his 'mouth-full comment) "It's so good at getting right to the back teeth"

(Yogi) 'Oooh, it has a 'tongue-cleaner' too!"

(Yogi) "Well, that's MY trip to the Tooth-cleaner for another day"

(Yogi)"I'm guessing that now it's time for TREATS!!
See you all tomorrow..

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